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Holiday Season in LWR!

We will update pictures as they beome available!

The Holidays are upon us!

It’s that time of year for decorating live Xmas trees and surrounding it with presents!  But what do we do with the tree once it’s all over?  Stay tuned to this website for updates on what day we will have Holiday Tree pickup.  Just place it in front of your house when the time comes and we will arrange to have it picked up!  We’ll keep you posted as to the date.

Also, owners please be mindful of trash day and put all trash in “trash cans” the evening before pickup day.  Leaving trash out in bags give nocturnal animals a feast to eat upon and ravage during the night.  Wind can blow trash from opened bags all over the community as well.  So pick yourself up a trash can with a lid and keep our community looking spotless!

Remember, an Architectural Request Form is “required” for ALL exterior changes that you (the owner) may want to make to your property.  Front or Back.  You can find the form on the “Forms and Downloads” page on this website.

Happy Holidays from Lord Willoughby’s Rest HOA

Metropolis Management information just added

Click on the “Metropolis Management” Tab and get an in depth view of Metropolis.   We are exploring an exciting new feature called CommunityWatch.  We will keep you posted on the progress as we move forward with Metropolis to implement this feature into our community.

Townhouse Trash Pickup

Thanks to one of the townhouse homeowners, it has come to our attention that trash was not picked up on Monday 2/5/18.  The management company has been contacted and we will get this corrected as soon as possible.

Exciting things happening in LWR in 2018!

We’re working on a new website, as well as looking into partnering with the Harford County Sheriff’s Dept to start a Neighborhood Watch in the community.  We’re also working closely with the Management Co. to implement a new way to contact them, a better way to input trouble tickets (formerly RFA’s) to them, you will be able to track all your contact info with them in real time.  That should be coming shortly.  The Board has also stressed to the Management Co. the need to be more proactive in policing the community when it comes to the bi weekly drive through.  We have heard from numerous owners the need to keep the community in tip top shape.  We have new signs!  There will be new landscaping this year, shrubbery, flowers, all to make the community colorful and inviting.

NOTE:  If you have previously registered to get updates from this site, please “re-register”.  We have gone through a major upgrade of our servers and somehow we lost all emails to owners who signed up for updates to this site.  So please take a few minutes and click the button on the right side of the screen!!!!