Welcome Home!

The Holidays are upon us!

It’s that time of year for decorating live Xmas trees and surrounding it with presents!  But what do we do with the tree once it’s all over?  Stay tuned to this website for updates on what day we will have Holiday Tree pickup.  Just place it in front of your house when the time comes and we will arrange to have it picked up!  We’ll keep you posted as to the date.

Also, owners please be mindful of trash day and put all trash in “trash cans” the evening before pickup day.  Leaving trash out in bags give nocturnal animals a feast to eat upon and ravage during the night.  Wind can blow trash from opened bags all over the community as well.  So pick yourself up a trash can with a lid and keep our community looking spotless!

Remember, an Architectural Request Form is “required” for ALL exterior changes that you (the owner) may want to make to your property.  Front or Back.  You can find the form on the “Forms and Downloads” page on this website.

Happy Holidays from Lord Willoughby’s Rest HOA


  1. Hello,

    Has a pick up date for X-Mas trees been determined?

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