Good news!  We have secured a new landscaping company to get our community back in shape.  In case you were not aware, the company that we’ve had under contract for a number of years informed us that they could not renew the contract for this coming season.  Citing a reduction of employees, and not having the manpower to do the job.  Unfortunately, this news came right when the grass started to grow!  To make matters worse, most of the landscaping companies in the area were already booked up with clients and couldn’t take as LWR on as one.   In the meantime we hired a company to do as needed work so the grass didn’t get out of control.  Sunny Day Landscaping stopped by and we toured the property and they agreed to sign on as our landscaping company this year.  The really good news is they plan to start cutting on Wednesday June 5th.  There is a lot of grass that needs to be cut so be patient if you don’t see them in your area right away.  The first cut may take a while.  The first order of business is to mulch, de-weed, the signage on both sides.  If you see the mowers in your area give them a wave to welcome them to the LWR family.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.