The Board of Directors is well aware of the issue of untagged and/or disabled vehicles that seem to be popping up in our community.  Since most of the streets in Lord Willoughby’s Rest (LWR) are controlled by Harford County, we are unable to “legally” employ a towing company to physically remove them ourselves.  With the exception of the townhouse parking lots we have to choose a different route to attempt to fix this issue.  First, if you are a homeowner or renter that has a vehicle parked in our community that has expired tags, disabled or inoperable we ask that you please remove them from the property.   The HOA has begun to aggressively attack this issue within the community, Harford County Sheriff’s office WILL BE NOTIFIED of any illegal vehicles found in the community.  We have asked the Harford County Sheriff’s Office to tag any vehicle in violation on County streets within LWR.  If the tagged vehicle is not removed in the appropriate timeframe, the vehicle WILL BE TOWED at the owners expense.

Another avenue that we have at our disposal are listed below, follow these 2 steps in order :

  • contact Metropolis Management Company if you find any untagged, disabled, or inoperable vehicles in the community.  They can be emailed at Or call them at 301.779.1800.  after hours you can use 301.825.8881  AND
  • download this cell phone app:  You Click We Fix.  available on Android and Apple platforms.  Once you register you will be able to take pictures and report an issue directly to Harford County.  Potholes, disabled vehicles, untagged vehicles, street lights that are out, etc.

When you notify Metropolis of an issue it gets assigned an account number and the Board of Directors are notified to investigate.  One of us will then use the app to report it to the County or take our own action if the issue falls within our power.  Then please use the app yourself to report the issue.  This will flag “2” reports to the County for the same issue, one by the owner and one by the Board.  This should ensure that the County takes appropriate actions to violations that fall under their authority.

Our bylaws and regulations for this community were written over 10 years ago when LWR first started selling lots.  Over the years, Maryland has passed several laws in reference to HOA’s  that have superseded our bylaws and has made it harder to enforce them.  With that in mind, we have asked our attorney to look into what needs to be done to change our bylaws so that we can effectively maintain the quality our owners want and deserve.  The Board will keep you posted on this issue.

The Board thanks you for your concerns and hopes that we can work together to keep our community great!