Just a reminder for all owners and renters to be mindful of these tidbits on trash day:

Please use a trash can with a lid.  birds and other animals are starting to feed on the bags left on the curb.  

Trash days are Monday and Thursday.  With Recycle day on Thursday “only”.  

note:  Two trucks will drive through on Thursdays.  One truck will be the recycle truck, and the other will be the trash truck.

Also, if you see trash laying around please pick it up.  With everyone helping, our community can look it’ best!

This is a picture of trash left out on trash day. As you can see some owners/renters are not following best practices and using a trash can. Trash is falling out of bags, this is a very unsanitary and unsightly look. We as a community must do better to keep our area clean and trash free. We ask you again, PLEASE use trash cans on trash days. The Board of Directors is actively trying to identify the offending owners/renters so that we can try to end this trash issue.