Update 05/20/2020
Please remember that “any” changes to the exterior of your property, front or back, requires a approval from the Architectural Review Board first.  Submit the request first, then wait for the approval before starting to the work.  Failure to do so may result in expenses and violations.  the form can be found on this website on the “Forms & Downloads” tab.

Update 08/12/2018
There has been vehicle vandalism reported within our community.  Sometime between midnite and 4am on 8/12/2018 a car was vandalized on Profitt Path.  The vehicle was parked on the street.  If anyone has any information about this crime please contact the Harford County Sheriff’s office.   As a side note, residents of the community should be vigilant in watching for anything suspicious or out of place.  Neighbor’s looking out for neighbor’s is how we keep Lord Willoughby’s Rest a safe place for all.

Update 07/23/2018
Due to the lack of interest in helping with Dumpster Day, it has been cancelled this year.  We hope to try again in 2019.

Update 09/15/2017
The new signs are in and they look great! It took a little longer than expected but the wait was worth it.

Update 07/04/2017
Here’s an update on our two community signs. We gathered bids and have decided on a company to do the work. A contract has been signed and we hope to have the new signs up and looking beautiful soon!
The Board and the Management Co. have heard your complaints about abandoned, inoperable, and unlicensed vehicles in the community. We are working with a towing company and the Harford County Police Dept. to iron out some details to see what it will take to how these vehicles removed from our community. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.
DUMPSTER DAY!! Looks like Dumpster Day is going to be on September 9th this year. If this date changes we’ll let you know. Also, as with last year, you will be required to show proof of residency in our community (driver’s license). We want to make sure the dumpsters are used only by the owners of LWR.

Updated 05/02/2017
The two signs that we have at the entrance to our community, one by the High School and the other at Willoughby Way are in need of a fresh coat of paint. So the Board of Directors is actively seeking bids to give our signs a fresh splash of color for this year! Stay tuned for when we will get the signs painted.
Updated 04/18/2016

Dear Owners:
The Board of Directors has received numerous calls from concerned homeowners in reference to the overgrown grass issue at properties that have been abandoned. Either the home is in foreclosure, the owner has moved out, or the property is now bank owned. In either case, the grass at these properties has become an eye sore to the owners surrounding these properties. The Board is just as concerned as you are in this manner. So we are making preparations to have these abandoned properties mowed and groomed as they come to our attention. We already have a small list that will be the first to be cut. This fee will not be passed on to you. The offending homeowner, bank, or realtor will be billed for the service. If The Board, The Management Co, and the Landscaping Company can come to an agreement we will commence as soon as possible. Please bear with us and thank you for your patience.

Frequent Violation Issues
To keep homeowners informed as to the “most common” violation issues that exist in our community, we have listed them here. This is to make you aware of what kinds of things our Property Manager looks for when the community drive thrus are conducted:
–overgrown grass/weeds.
–damaged fencing.
–damaged house trim.
–damaged windows/screens/doors.
–mildew on exterior siding.
–unauthorized architectural modifications.
–parking of inoperable, non-permitted, and/or untagged vehicles.
This list will evolve constantly. But it will give you a brief snapshot of the kind of things that will trigger a violation. Please be mindful, and keep out community BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Trash Tips!
Trash pickups are Monday and Thursday. Recycling is picked up on Thursday.
Reminder: Yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) and large items will not be picked up during regular trash collection.
For a list of recyclable and large item disposal, follow this link:
Use a sturdy can with a lid, or heavy-duty trash bags. Set out trash at the curb after dark the evening before the pickup.
Please collect and store trash cans by the end of the trash collection day.
Safety Tips!

Change your furnace filter based on the manufacturer’s recommended change interval to improve cooling and heating and save money.
Test your smoke detectors periodically and replace the batteries when needed.
Clean out the lint filter on your dryer after each use. Lint buildup can cause a fire.

Volunteers Needed!
There are many ways to be involved with Your Community. Committee members and chairpersons are needed for the Social Committee, Beautification Committee, Newsletter Committee and so much more. Let’s get involved!
For more information, contact: Metropolis Community Management at (301) 779-1800.